In the 2023 Issue...

A Minivan Grew Wings

"A bumpy ride to elementary school and later a trip to a university..."

By Evelyn Olivares


"You always towered over me
with thick and calloused hands holding my own..."

By Sean Haney


"inside me is an aching feeling..."

by Monica Sanchez


By Juliya Grigoruk

The Guardian Angel Rests

"Before I leave to face the worldI give her a kiss goodbye..."

By Sofie Zarceno


"For those of us who live at the center of a man’s world,
words written for us..."

By Kristina Hoppler

Water Sign

"Inside me is an ocean..."

By Josie Bacon

Upside Down World

By Hye-Yoon Choi

Desired Unveiling

"Shame is a cloak,
unequivocally masking the unpleasant..."

By Nahomi Alemu

World in Her Hands

By Rosie Pound

What Comes After

"It has begun: Dido has left her sister..."

By Ryan Fecarotta


Dents in the wall, broken plates, and ash caking the furniture is all that remains in her house...

By Ruby Cofer

In the 2022 Issue...

The Angels Over Ballyhoo

"They Call you "The Angels over Ballyhoo..."

By Rosie Pound

Violets for Violence

"I am still burning. Each breath sets fire..."

By Sarah Sutherland-Field

Just a Fantasy

"Day after day, you wake up with one fantasy living rent free..."

By Isabel Wolfe

Midnight Drives

"Late-night drives, window rolled all the way down..."

By Anisa Dahir

War Memory Lane

"I was once in the middle of nowhere..."

By William Kuch

Self Portrait as Incense During Worship

"You take a light; that blistering flame to the tip of my head––"

By Jenn Ngeth

Hidden Galaxies

By Emily Hamilton

Shape of Fruit

"On days where all is hopeless, my mother..."

By Zareen Gesmundo

Substance Abuse

"A curling wall of teal wraps around her and she feels each drop..."

By Nathan Yokey

To Plant a Seed

"Maisie wonders how she got to be right here, right now."

By Rosie Pound

In the 2021 Issue...

Strange Fruit 

"Tryna figure where I'm from, Wana know how..."

By Patrick 'StP@' Bailey II


by UHA: *Ultra*Happy*Alarm*

Grape jelly 

"A lady at the store was returning her purchases today..."

by Viktoriya Kovachyk

Invisible Thief

"A few months ago, I was sitting in a café with..."

by Abigail Marshall

That Unknown Familiar

"It's like hugging a stranger. I know this person is..."

By Lissa Schacher

Five Minutes

"Five minutes was an impractical amount of time to wait for two little..."

By Kiera Golden


"The fact was obvious when I laid eyes on you..." 

by Joel Hernandez

The Fire of Learning 

"To understand their words, you need to forget the blazing..."

by Mason Hap

Tomorrow's Promise

Emily Hamilton 

The Train 

"Cold windy night In a lonely station, the rain..."

by Vesna Marjanovich

Dumpling Recipe

"Ammonia and lavender fill the air -- a mop in hand, she..."

By Jenn Ngeth

No blank canvas 

"Out of the mug's cracked ceramic lip soft steam billowed through stale..."

by Lazarus TR Lavandre


"I want a collection of lipsticks. One in every single..."

by Chelsea Lowery

In the 2020 Issue...


"I strut down the stairs and into my dining room, where the beautiful..."

By Jacob Johnson


"We are another part of nature reborn like so many rainbows..."

By Ghulam Sharifi

Men Fighting

By Edgar Ledezma


By Madalyn Rice


"I struggle to fondle this thought it glides over each..."

By: Caleb Ghirmai


By Lupenzero


"We are sculpted with the Earth. Our legs are like trees..."

By: Jiro Jones

Todo Es Posible

By Dahli Strayer

Dead Light Switch

"You peer out at me Broken and useless.."

By: Nathan Yockey

A Fleeting Thought

"Opal opened the door to a tiny shop. The bell rang sharp and..."

By Ruth Magana

The Charade

"I was a stranger from the moment I tied my apron..."

By: Mason Jones

Dear Human

"Perhaps you didn't know that it truly bugs me when..."

By Genevieve Tucker

In the 2019 issue....

Blue Despair

"We don't know the story behind his blue stature. His eyes, sunken..."

By Adama Bojang

Children of the Moon 

"The children were always told to stay out of the forest. The reason why..."

By Elliot Johnson

To the Flawless Girl Who Called Me Hole Leg

"Oh yes, I know it shows; the scar on my leg from Osteo..."

By Dena Dillon


"Gathering the painting tools to my reach, I observe the canvas reflected through..."

By Ann Sim

Sudden Pressure 

"Lightning sails sideways in sharp arrows. Heat has built all day..."

By Jamie McGillen

Boy from Venus

By Rito Aficiac

Authors Prayer

By Angi Chen

In the 2018 issue....

Directions to the Artist Who Will Paint My Portrait

"Dear artist who will paint my portrait, please do not make me..."

By Kaden Alexander Bell

guide for a lost kid who’s mistaken herself for a sheep

"listen, little one: you are not a sheep. you do not have hooves to..."

By Isabella Stewart

Circuit Overload

"I slouch in the car with the windows rolled up, like the trooper..."

By Mike Bailey

Black Holes Aren’t So Bad After All

"From the coasts of Morocco to the curves of Kenya..."

By Chalisa Thompson

Baking Instructions for The Easily Confused

"They say to measure everything. Be sure to read the instructions..."

By Mylina Baez

Woman in 309

By Laura A. Soracco

Before Coming to America

"I leaned against the rough wooden storefront of my family's cigar shop. After two..."

By Jael Haney

In the 2017 issue....

Hello, Kidney Disease

"If my father is who you want, Then here is sore muscles..."

By Rebekka Paulsen

Understanding the EMH

"The Eyes are like a giant ocean, a constant battle of thrashing waves..."

By Allison DeBoer


By Laura A. Soracco

Chicken Antics

By Britt M. Greenland

Black Water Child

"When dark night touches ocean foam - a mermaid will rise..."

By Cindy Ngo

Fissures of Time

"Jones' Coffee sat on Harbor Boulevard in San Pedro. It was close..."

By Harper S. Villani

A Grandfather's Art Work

"On the blank canvas of my life, his variegated work added liveliness..."

By Mary Bless Flores

Nebular Thoughts

By Elizabeth Abramchuk