Grape jelly

by Viktoriya Kovachyk

A lady at the store was returning her purchases today. She returned all except one. Gummy bears. At least that’s what she told me. She couldn’t return those, because she craved them every night lately, she said. What an interesting craving. She told me it wasn’t chocolate she craved or any other sweet candy, it was just gummy bears. She then proceeded to tell me that she also craves sweet and salty things. Very much so. In fact, her face lit up when she talked about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I started to think about how much I’ve always loved that combination, irresistible at times. Tried to recall the taste on the tip of my tongue. She told me that she has lots of jelly in her fridge, but none are quite as satisfying to use for spreading as the Welch’s grape packets. With packets, they can be used up with one use. That’s what she liked most, she told me. Using jars of jelly, you can just never be too sure. That gave me something to think about. I mean, how often do we think about simple things such as that? I listened with curiosity, I enjoyed this conversation, loved every moment while it lasted, and never wanted it to end. The conversation of types that you remember, not an everyday basic conversation, you know. Grateful for those and more to come.

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