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Grape jelly

by Viktoriya Kovachyk A lady at the store was returning her purchases today. She returned all except one. Gummy bears. At least that’s what she told me. She couldn’t return those, because she craved them every night lately, she said. What … Continue reading

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The Fire of Learning

after Ilya Kaminsky, Author’s Prayer By Mason Hap   To understand their words, you need to forget the blazing beat of your chest.   The self-taught rhythm, a single ember keeping the flame alive. Life of language, with smoke that … Continue reading

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Boy from Venus

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For Kiara and Karly – The Angels Over Ballyhoo

by Rosie Pound They call you “The Angels over Ballyhoo” But I do not see angels, or ghosts. I see your toothy smilesin the rocks on the mountainside. I hear your laughter in the wind. Your spirits still felt in … Continue reading

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The Shape of Fruit

by Zareen Gesmundo On days where all is hopeless, my mother greets me with a luxurious bowl of fruit. Its colors as vibrant as the summer. Each piece skinned and peeled to perfection. Different varieties, cut into geometric pieces. Almost … Continue reading

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War Memory Lane

by William Kuch I was once in the middleof nowhere in anotherworld. I am trying to avoidremembering it,but it is inevitable. Experiences are printed inmy head even though theyseem invisible. ClearlyI am still seeing them inmy sleep as I dream … Continue reading

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violets for violence

by Sarah Sutherland-Field I am still burning.Each breath sets fire to my house of violet flowers. All I’ve ever known is quiet kept tears.Thoughts I can only try to slap, scratch, peel away from tearing skin.A picture burned into my … Continue reading

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