Black Holes Aren’t So Bad After All

By Chalisa Thompson

     after “A Globe is Just an Asterisk and Every Home Should Have an Asterisk,” Aimee Nezhukumatathil


From the coasts of Morocco

to the curves of Kenya I contemplate


Longing to find my globe but

unsure of which direction to spin.


I too desire to find lands where

The span of my hand won’t quite fit.


I stretch fingers shore to shore though,

home I cannot seem to trace.


Instead roots hover along event horizons

that will swallow my culture whole. So,


Dear sweet Aimee at least you know where to place your wrist.


At least you know where your fingers won’t fit.


Chalisa Thompson is a sophomore at Highline College.  She enjoys writing poetry and volunteering with the youth in her community. 

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