Arcturus 2022, "Transforming Reality: Non-Linear Time," launches at 11am on June 9th, in Mt. Constance, building 8 at Highline College. Please join us for free food and refreshments and poetry and prose readings. Help us celebrate our achievement and all of the contributors as well as pick up your own copy of Arcturus 2022 for FREE!! 

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Mission Statement: Arcturus is the literary magazine of Highline College, which showcases the written and visual talents of our students, staff, faculty, and alumni. We are a student editorial team that brings a fresh concept to print each year in June. We, the Arcturus editors, are committed to centering the diverse voices and cultural wealth of Highline’s greater community.

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I've learned that sharing your story
opens the space for others
to share theirs.
Scattered Leaves, Emily Hamilton

The years circled us like a tornado.

The Art of Tug of War, Leilani O'Ferrall