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Mission Statement: Arcturus is the literary magazine of Highline College, which showcases the written and visual talents of our students, staff, faculty, and alumni. We are a student editorial team that brings a fresh concept to print each year in June. We, the Arcturus editors, are committed to centering the diverse voices and cultural wealth of Highline’s greater community.

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"Don’t take this for granted, I want to whisper

        into the ear of my old self, who could never

        see what was coming.


Not just to her, but to everyone."

Invisible Thief 

-- Abigail Marshall

-- Emily Hamilton

 "A journal of every wish come true

turns absently through its blank pages. You try to circle back, underline one part

that came true.  Nothing here. Inside your brain blooms with gray paint circling the

empty future you’re working on" 

No blank Canvas

 -- Lazarus TR Lavandre