Meet the Editors

Arcturus 2023 Editors

Nahomi Alemu is a student at Highline College, attending to acquire her AA in Psychology.
She hopes to help people someday and positively impact the world and people’s lives.
When she isn’t busy with schoolwork, Nahomi likes to spend her free time drawing, painting, sewing, and dabbling in other art forms and mediums. She has a deep love for art and is always seeking to learn something new.

Sean Haney is a current Running Start student attending highline in order to pursue a higher pathway. He is interested in becoming a writer and is working as an editor to both understand how to edit his work from a non-biased standpoint and learn how to work with a team better. He has a passion for reading and loves listening to and playing music when he has the time.

Zaim Nicholas is currently attending Highline College as a Running Start student. He is a descriptive writer who spends most of his free time in between gaming to make new worlds for his novels to reside within. He is currently planning on transferring out into a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at DigiPen. He is a major fan of all tabletop games with a preference for card games or chess.

Ruby Cofer is attending Highline College for her third and final year, finishing her AA degree after two years in Running Start. She is an avid writer who spends most of her free time developing an in-depth fantasy world for her future stories to live in. As she is a writer, Ruby is also a huge reader, preferring any long novel or book series with some sort of fantasy or science-fiction element. She also enjoys several other creative hobbies such as baking, cooking, knitting, and various forms of art. This will be her second year as an Arcturus editor.

Kristina Hoppler lives in Federal Way, Washington. She is currently in her second year as a student at Highline College. She is studying for an AA degree with a concentration in English. Kristina enjoys writing in her free time, specifically poetry and supernatural fiction. Outside of the writing world, Kristina is a part of the Physics club at Highline College "PHATT"; and enjoys playing video games and taking naps with her cat Mikey.

Melina Sepahram is currently a Running Start student who is still deciding what she wants to do in the future and hopes to find out more about herself by the time she graduates this year. Although she is indecisive, she knowns that everything will happen the way it is supposed to. In her free time, she likes to watch anime, cuddle with her cat, Silvy, and spend time outdoors. She also loves listening to music and staying active. Right now, she is on a journey to self-discovery and her writings play a big role in this journey. She mostly writes non-fiction and would love to share her experiences with the world one day in order to make a change.

Ryan Fecarotta is a current Running Start student at Highline College. Ryan plans to transfer to Seattle Pacific University to pursue a Computer Science degree. He has a love of reading, writing, and languages. His writing tends to be mythological, folkloric fantasy stories. When he isn't doing homework, reading, or petting his cat, Pepper, Ryan is an avid fencer, regularly fencing foil at the Salle Auriol fencing club in Seattle.

Jasmine McCray lives in Federal Way, Washington. Just around the corner from her city, she studies English and Fine Arts at Highline College in Des Moines, Washington. She is a multidisciplinary artist interested in exploring all forms of art and creation. Much of her work is inspired by both mythical and whimsical themes.

Arcturus 2022 Editors

Ruby Cofer is a senior in high school, participating in the Running Start program to prepare for university. She is an avid writer who loves to spend her free time working on writing fantasy books and short stories taking place in magic-based universes struck with turmoil. Most of her time is spent either reading or writing. She’s participating in the Hugo House Young Writer’s Prose Cohort for a second time and loves meeting with her friends in the group. But when she isn’t focused on writing, Ruby is likely spending time with her friends and family playing video and board games or snuggling up with her puppy, Padme.

Rosie Pound was born in Seattle but raised in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. She earned her first Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree from the Art Institute of Portland and is now at Highline College pursuing her second bachelor’s degree, this time for Environmental Science. Rosie enjoys reading, writing, painting, sewing, and basically any other kind of creative activity. You can find her most of the time playing video games, sleeping, or watching funny cat videos.

Zereen Hazel Gesmundo is a current Running Start student attending Highline exploring different pathways. She's a part of a program within Chinatown called YouthCan, which provides a place for her and other BIPOC teens to appreciate the arts. It was through this program that she was able to find out that her life would be empty without creating art. In her free time, she loves to watch Studio Ghibli movies, bake for her loved ones, and draw things that hold a special place in her art.

Sarah Sutherland-Field is a Senior in the Running Start program at Highline College. She spends most of her time listening to punk rock, playing her eclectic guitar, and jamming with friends. While she is a musician who writes her own songs, she also creates her own poetry. Her identity as a young queer woman often seeps into her music and writings. Most recently, Sarah was a teen DJ at KEXP, during this time she discovered her passion for radio. Outside of writing and music, she loves all things Halloween and horror.

Jenn Ngeth returns in 2022 to be an editor for Arcturus. She is a returning student to Highline finishing up her AA. To balance out her school life and sanity, she spends her time in the kitchen blending flavors of Southeast Asia; to create dishes to suit her tastebuds. She tends to her growing plant family while enjoying random documentaries or any of Shinichiro Watanabe’s works––Samurai Champloo being her favorite.

Arcturus 2021 Editors

Kiera Golden will graduate Highline with an AA-Emphasis in English. She is the Lead Tutor at Highline’s Writing Center and an Editor for Arcturus 2021. She recently moved to Montana, where she is working on her 1990 Manual Toyota 4Runner. She is passionately involved with Film/Digital Photography, Nature, Mental Health Advocacy, Teaching, and Creative Writing.

Jenn Ngeth is a returning student to Highline finishing up her AA. To balance out her school life and sanity, she spends her time in the kitchen blending flavors of Southeast Asia; to create dishes to suit her tastebuds. She tends to her growing plant family while enjoying random documentaries or any of Shinichiro Watanabe’s works––Samurai Champloo being her favorite.

Emily Hamilton is attending Highline College. After recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury she taught herself to read again by using poetry. Expanding on this, Emily took Creative Writing classes, is an Editor of Arcturus, and will be transitioning to her BAS degree at Highline College in the fall.  In her free time, she enjoys studying philosophy, camping, and exploring local parks with her pug Wookie, learning photography, and hopefully finding new ways to not kill the plants on the balcony.

Patty Wells was born in the Midwest but has called the PacNW her home for the last twenty-plus years. She is currently enrolled at Highline College with plans to transfer to the University of Washington to pursue a creative writing degree. In her free time, she loves to travel, garden, and feed the murder of crows in her backyard. 

Mireille Inema-Mwizerwa is a running start student who is receiving her AA degree with an emphasis in Mathematics in the spring of 2021. She has always had a love for writing but wasn’t confident enough to start to write properly or share any of her pieces with other people. She got introduced to writing poems in a creative writing class at Highline, where she gained more appreciation for editing. She continues to write in her free time, to release to stimulate her brain creatively.

Arcturus 2020 Editors

Cori Arndt is in her second year of Running Start and is currently working towards getting her A.A. In her free time, she enjoys writing, reading, and painting. She also enjoys competitive swimming and baking things for her friends. In Fall 2020, Cori is planning on transferring to the University of Washington to study Creative Writing.

Ashlee Stone is finishing up her A.A. degree here at Highline and is hoping to move onto a BA in respiratory care in the Fall. She loves to go camping and to the beach, and writing stories in her spare time.

Jiro Jones is a part time college student and store employee by day, and by night he is asleep.
However, in those in-between moments when he has nothing to do, he writes poetry or messies his hands with paint.
A large contributor to the of his work is his synesthesia. Linking words to feeling and taste is what makes art so involving and beautiful for him.

Jerry R. Vorhies lives in Federal Way with his brilliant husband and harebrained corgi-shepherd canine. Jerry pursues an AA at Highline with the intent to attend the UW Tacoma for business. Being an Editor on Arcturus has been an enjoyable experience and appreciates the chance to read so many unique pieces of work. It was a real pleasure for me to read and discuss all of the wonderful pieces that were submitted. If you read my comic-strip, Cut-n-Cheese and enjoyed it, more can be found on Facebook. My story, “Breve Boys,” was inspired to tell an unapologetic outrageous and awkward story that will hopefully make you squirm and laugh out loud.


Paul Lupe is an international student from South Sudan. Having lived most of his life away from home, he uses his writing as a mobile home- a haven that he can retreat into when life around him turns difficult.



Arcturus 2019 Editors

Eloyi Patience Agih is a second year international student from Nigeria. She has always enjoyed reading and writing different genres of literature. She loves watching Korean dramas, listening to music, writing and spending time with her family. She hopes to transfer to a four year university after graduating this spring and major in English.

Elliot Johnson is a first year student at Highline College. After he finishes his AA degree, he plans on transferring to a university to pursue a Bachelor's in English. His ultimate dream is to become a published author, but he is also interested in becoming an editor. In his free time he reads and plays video games. He's a huge fan of the fantasy genre and hopes to one day create a fictional world that others can enjoy.

Shiyana Daniels is currently enrolled at Highline College for an AA with an emphasis in Psychology. She fell in love with writing when she was a child. And since then, that love has just blossomed. Spoken word poetry and fiction are two of her favorite things to write. She loves people watching which probably comes from the Psych degree, which also makes for amazing characters in stories and poetry. 

Genevieve Tucker is a Running Start student, earning her general AA here at Highline. She plans to transfer to Washington State University in the Fall of 2019, and will major in Bioengineering. She loves writing poetry and short stories, and expressing herself through her work.

Kailynn Hyde is a second year Highline College student. She has always enjoyed writing, and wanted to learn more about the publishing process. Kailynn just needed an excuse to get involved on campus, especially since shes always been a lone wolf.

Olena Velichko was born in Ukraine and came to the United States in 2014. Olena is earning her Associates of Arts degree at Highline. In the future, she plans to get into an Architecture program. Her favorite hobbies are making art and buildings models.

Arcturus 2018 Editors

Naileah Abarca  is a second year Running Start Student. She’s earning her Associate's Degree with an emphasis in Psychology, and hopes to major in Communications in Multimedia and Journalism at a four year university.  She enjoys music, film, and astrology!

Chalisa Thompson is a sophomore at Highline College. Her passion for the arts is driven by a love for expressing creativity and telling stories in a universal language. “Everyone loves art.” Chalisa enjoys writing poetry and volunteering with the youth in her community. After Highline Chalisa will be attending the University of Washington to pursue her Masters Degree in Social Work. She plans to continue giving back to the community.

Mike Bailey is a retired IT professional and returning student studying Creative Writing at Highline. Over the past several years he has written three science fiction novel manuscripts  and has recently started writing short stories.

Currently a Running Start senior at Highline, Isabella Stewart has always been in love with stories of all kinds. She loves reading, writing, coffee, overcast weather, and fantastical video games. Isabella will be graduating this spring and will transfer to Western Washington University in the fall, where she will be majoring in English. 

Arcturus 2017 Editors

Currently a Running Start Senior at Highline, Elizabeth Abramchuk has been drawing for a sizeable amount of her life and wants to pursue art in the future. She loves running and hiking and used to do cross country and track. Elizabeth took creative writing in 2016 and fell in love with poetry. The first time she came across Arcturus she was fascinated by how writing, photography, and art came together in this book.

A Running Start Senior at Highline, Cindy Ngo first found out about Arcturus through her English 101 class but never imagined she’d be able to be part of Arcturus. Cindy enjoys Creative Writing and poetry immensely, but she is aiming for a Master’s in Library Science and Information. Cindy loves literature and books and hopes to surround herself with them in her future. Cindy hopes to stay at Highline until she transfers to a university.

A second-year student at Highline, Lindsey Brunk is finishing up her Associate's degree with an emphasis in English. She is an aspiring novelist writing short fiction and hopes to one day publish one of her stories. Lindsey is looking to transfer to a university for degrees in either English or Folklore. Lindsey is an avid reader and photographer and hopes to someday visit Ireland and Scotland.

Harper Villani is a second year student here at Highline College. The opportunity to get involved in Arcturus fell into her lap. When she started at Highline, Harper never saw herself getting involved on campus, but as time went on she found herself doing just that, and happily. Last year, Harper participated in a poetry contest on campus and fell in love with poetry, as well as fiction.

A Running Start Senior, Allison Deboer has been writing for as long as she remembers. Allison will be graduating this Spring, and then attending Seattle Pacific University in the Fall where she will be majoring in Creative Writing. Allison is also interested in potentially studying ESL Linguistics in graduate work. One day Allison hopes to be a teacher, editor, or journalist.