Arcturus 2017 Release Party

        Thank you everyone who attended! We were so thrilled to see you all there and hope you attended. We'd also like to thank everyone who helped us make Arcturus 2017 happen: Highline's Humanities Dept, Highline's Art Dept, Highline's Print Shop, the Center for Leadership and Service, and the many faculty and staff who helped make the journal possible.

Editors Cindy Ngo and Allison DeBoer greet the 6pm attendees.

Artist, Britt Greenland, speaks about her piece "Chicken Antics".

Artist, Laura Soracco, speaks about her pieces "Cappadocia" and "Beijing".

Editors Harper Villani, Allison DeBoer, Elizabeth Abramchuk, and Cindy Ngo greet noon attendees.

Poet, Sage Hernandez, reads her poem "The Butterfly Girl".

Attendees flip through Arcturus.

Dr. T.M. Sell recalls the experience of working on the first Arcturus in 1977.

Editor, Elizabeth Abramchuk, reads excerpts from her piece "When the Planets Align".

Attendees check out the chronology of Arcturus.

Noon attendees visit the chronology of Arcturus.

Attendees follow along with a reading.

Poet and Faculty Advisor, Susan Rich, reads her piece "This is Why the Relationship Might Work".

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