Just a Fantasy

by Isabel Wolfe

Day after day, you wake up with one fantasy living rent free in your mind, only one thing that you can think of, that you want to do for the rest of your life but so many obstacles stand in your way. Shaky and broken bridges that you walk across, cracks slithering down the rocky roads that must be crossed, although that is all mentally. Reality strikes, the bridges turn into grinding through homework in the dark of night, the rocky roads become the hardships of working through the rise and fall of the sun the next day just to get a paycheck, but it will work out right? You aspire to see the flashing lights, so blinding but you don’t care. You desire to stand on the carpet of soft red velvet, in a stunning piece of cloth made just for you. You lust to walk into that theater and see your face on the screen. All you want is just right there, but you can only feel it on the tips of your fingers.

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