For Kiara and Karly – The Angels Over Ballyhoo

by Rosie Pound

They call you “The Angels over Ballyhoo” But I do not see angels, or ghosts.

I see your toothy smilesin the rocks on the mountainside. I hear your laughter in the wind. Your spirits still felt in the crisp Alaskan air.

My rage – is the crashing of the waves. Her loss – is the wilting of the fireweed. Our agony – is the eagle’s cry.

But angels? No. I see two girlstoo young. A small town, Unalaska, shattered. And my sister – strugglingto put together the pieces you left behind.

But this cannot be undone. A truck, Mt. Ballyhoo, the cliff. There’s no reverse. No, “try again?”

So instead, I choose to see you – dancing across the Aleutian tundra, hand in hand. Smiling for all the world as if you really are “The Angels over Ballyhoo.”

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3 Responses to For Kiara and Karly – The Angels Over Ballyhoo

  1. 🙏❤️ Love this, love you Rosie

  2. Alan Davis says:

    very nice poem Rosie.

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